MESG (pronounced ˈmesij/, or message) is a technology-agnostic network of Services.

Services can be connected to any technology, including but not limited to, blockchains, web services, databases, notifications, business logic or IoT devices.

As the code to connect Services is often identical between applications, it be shared and reused through through our Awesome repository to accelerate development efficiency.

Services can be combined together in any order to create Applications. Since developers can use a shared Service instead of being required to write each one from scratch, they can now feature complex technologies in their Applications without needing to first learn their languages or data formats.

Interoperability between all Services and Applications is managed automatically by MESG Core. Core organizes and dispatches information to and from all connected Services and routes it through a stream of real-time information to your Application, allowing Applications to be highly interconnected, yet lightweight and powerful.

The MESG infrastructure is based upon event-driven programming, so Applications built using MESG are designed to listen to events and react with tasks, resuling in easily-maintainable autonomous applications.

Applications on MESG can look like anything from a multinational DApp store, to an automated business workflow, to an automatic payment of personal bills or linking real-time notifications to blockchain events. The possibilities and use cases are truly endless.

In Q1 2020, MESG will deploy the decentralized Network to unify the MESG infrastructure and launch the full MESG Economy. It will make it easy for developers to incorporate decentralization into existing technologies.

The decentralized network will help DApps adopt useful functionalities that boost the UX, such as notifications or fiat payment processing. DApps will soon be able to deliver the same excellent user experiences that centralized apps deliver while remaining highy decentralized.

The Network also introduces MESG's full token-based economy. Pre-built Services will be sold on the Network using MESG Tokens, allowing developers to receive income each time their Service is used, while rewarding each network supporter with passive income from their participation.

Last Updated: 1/17/2019, 5:26:15 AM