# Installation

# Docker

The MESG Engine is using Docker so you need to make sure to have Docker installed on your machine.

  • Download and install Docker CE
  • Initialize Docker Swarm by running docker swarm init


The easiest way to install the Engine and to interact with it is with the MESG CLI.

The CLI requires node and npm.

To install the CLI globally, run:

npm install -g @mesg/cli

# Start the Engine

You can now start the Engine with the command:

mesg-cli daemon:start

It will start the Engine with a new local development network called mesg-dev-chain. This is a private network that contains only your data and is validated by your local engine.


Make sure to check the documentation of each command to see options and default configuration using the flag --help:

mesg-cli daemon:start --help

# Using a public MESG Network

If you want to start the Engine with a public network you can pass the network's name with the --network flag.

To start the engine with the public testnet network mesg-testnet-01, run:

mesg-cli daemon:start --network mesg-testnet-01 --path $HOME/.mesg-testnet-01

We advise you to also set a different path for each network to avoid overriding an existing network's data.


You can find the list of all available public networks on the network repository.

# Engine logs

To access the Engine's logs, run the following command:

mesg-cli daemon:logs

# Stop the Engine

To stop the Engine, run the following command:

mesg-cli daemon:stop

# Manual installation

If you don't want to use the CLI or want more control on the Engine's container, you can start the Engine using the Docker CLI.

# Create local `.mesg` dir
mkdir -p $HOME/.mesg
# Start docker swarm
docker swarm init
# Download latest version
docker pull mesg/engine:latest
# Create the MESG network
docker network create engine -d overlay
# Start the MESG Engine
docker service create \
  --name engine \
  --network engine \
  --mount source=/var/run/docker.sock,destination=/var/run/docker.sock,type=bind \
  --mount source=$HOME/.mesg,destination=/root/.mesg,type=bind \
  --publish 50052:50052 \
  --publish 26656:26656 \

Get Help

Need help? Check out the MESG Forum.