# Network

The Engine is using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint for building the decentralized network.

Tendermint is a tool to create blockchains with a byzantine-fault tolerance consensus mechanism. It provides all the underlying P2P functionalities to replicate deterministic state machines across a large number of computers.

Cosmos SDK is a framework for building secure blockchain applications on top of Tendermint. It provides composable modules as well as the necessary tools to interact with Tendermint.

# Public networks

The list of all available public networks on the network repository.

# Testnet 01

Currently, the only public MESG Network is a testnet called mesg-testnet-01.

It uses the token atto and any address are prefixed with mesgtest.

Its explorer is available on: explorer.testnet.mesg.com

Its monitoring dashboard is available on: monitoring.testnet.mesg.com

You can get atto token by using the faucet available on the explorer.

To start your engine on the testnet, execute the following command:

mesg-cli daemon:start --network mesg-testnet-01 --path $HOME/.mesg-testnet-01


Make sure to check the Engine's logs to see the synchronization progress as it can take a few hours.

# Local development network

By default the Engine creates a local development network called mesg-dev-chain.

This is a private network that contains only your data and is validated by your local engine.

To start the Engine on this network, simply run the daemon:start command without specifying a network.

Check out the tutorial on the blog to create your own MESG Network and connect multiple Engines together: blog.mesg.com/tutorial-create-a-network-with-multiple-engines.