# Deployment

To deploy a process, you need to compile it and then send it on the MESG Engine with the following commands:

# Compile

To compile the process you can run the command:

mesg-cli process:compile PATH_TO_THE_PROCESS_FILE

This command will return the compiled version of the process.

Development mode

Add the --dev flag to this command to automatically start services referenced in the process file under the instance key, saving you a lot of time.

# Create

To create the process in the Engine, run the command:

mesg-cli process:create COMPILED_PROCESS

Compile & Create

To compile and create the process with one line, run:

mesg-cli process:create "$(mesg-cli process:compile PATH_TO_THE_PROCESS_FILE)"

# Log

Once deployed on your MESG Engine, you can see the logs of your process using the command.

mesg-cli process:log PROCESS_HASH

Logs can help you debug your process and see if you have something unexpected happening in your process.

# List deployed processes

To see the list of processes already deployed you can run the command:

mesg-cli process:list

# Delete a deployed process

To delete a process that you previously deployed, run the command:

mesg-cli process:delete PROCESS_HASH

# Development mode

While in development, use the following command to automatically deploy, log and delete the process:

 mesg-cli process:dev PATH_TO_THE_PROCESS_FILE

The command process:dev automatically adds the --dev flag while compiling the process.

Command line doc

Check out the command line doc.