Deploy a service

Once you finish developing your service and testing it, you can deploy it. A unique ID will be generated when you deploy a service. This ID is based on the mesg.yml file and will change every time you add any modifications to this service.

To deploy the service you can run the command:

mesg-cli service:deploy PATH_OF_THE_SERVICE

This will give the id of your service. You need to use this id whenever you want to use the service.


Env variables from the configuration can be overwrite with the flag --env.

mesg-cli service:deploy PATH_OF_SERVICE --env FOO=BAR2

List deployed services

If you want to see the list of services already deployed you can run the command:

mesg-cli service:list

Delete a deployed service

If for any reason you want to delete a service that you previously deployed you can do it using the command:

mesg-cli service:delete SERVICE_ID

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Last Updated: 6/13/2019, 11:09:32 AM