# Deploy a service

Once you finish developing your service and testing it, you can deploy it by compiling it and create it in the Engine.

A unique ID will be generated when you create a service. This ID is based on service's definition and the source code and will change every time you add any modifications to this service.

# Compile

To compile the service you can run the command:

mesg-cli service:compile PATH_OF_THE_SERVICE

This command will return the compiled version of the service.

# Create

To create the service in the Engine, run the command:

mesg-cli service:create COMPILED_SERVICE

This will give the id of the service. You need to use this id whenever you want to use the service.

Compile & Create

To compile and create the service with one line, you can run:

mesg-cli service:create "$(mesg-cli service:compile PATH_OF_THE_SERVICE)"

# List deployed services

If you want to see the list of services already deployed you can run the command:

mesg-cli service:list

# Delete a deployed service

If for any reason you want to delete a service that you previously deployed you can do it using the command:

mesg-cli service:delete SERVICE_ID

Command line doc

Check out the command line doc.

Get Help

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