# Test

While developing, you will want to listen to the different events that your Service might emit and also execute the different tasks that your Service provides.

# Run your Service in dev mode

The dev mode is a command that lets you start to monitor your Service. It lets you:

  • start your Service
  • log events from your Service
  • log results from the tasks of your Service
  • display the logs of your Service
mesg-cli service:dev ./PATH_TO_SERVICE_FOLDER

If you don't specify the path to the service folder, the command searches in the current folder for the mesg.yml file.


Env variables from the configuration can be overwrite with the flag --env.

mesg-cli service:dev PATH_OF_SERVICE --env FOO=BAR2

More details here

# Execute a task

With the service dev command your Service is up and running, but you will also need to execute specific tasks.

In order to do that, you need to get the generated SERVICE_ID from the service dev command and use it in the following command:

mesg-cli service:execute SERVICE_ID taskX --json TASK_INPUTS_JSON_FILE

The file for the inputs should be a json with a map of all the inputs that your task needs. For example:

    "inputX": "...",
    "inputY": "..."

More details here

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